An analysis of parton distribution functions of the pion and the kaon with the maximum entropy input

Chengdong Han, Gang Xie, Rong Wang, Xurong Chen
2021 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
AbstractWe present pion and kaon parton distribution functions from a global QCD analysis of the experimental data within the framework of dynamical parton model. We use the DGLAP equations with parton–parton recombination corrections and the valence input of uniform distribution which maximizes the information entropy. At our input scale $$Q_0^2$$ Q 0 2 , there are no sea quark and gluon distributions. All the sea quarks and gluons of the pion and the kaon are completely generated from the
more » ... on splitting processes. The mass-dependent parton splitting kernel is applied for the strange quark distribution in the kaon. The obtained valence quark and sea quark distributions at high $$Q^{2}$$ Q 2 ($$Q^2>5$$ Q 2 > 5 GeV$$^2$$ 2 ) are compatible with the existed experimental measurements. Furthermore, the asymptotic behaviours of parton distribution functions at small and large x have been studied for both the pion and the kaon. Lastly, the first three moments of parton distributions at high $$Q^{2}$$ Q 2 scale are calculated, which are consistent with other theoretical predictions.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-021-09087-8 fatcat:6zyjuqmenna7jjrtedrycbwxoi