Data-driven integrity [chapter]

2019 Open Government Data Review of Mexico  
Foreword As rapid digital transformation changes all aspects of daily life, citizens expect their governments to provide better services and policies that deliver on the promises of the digital age. Advances in technology and data-driven approaches can radically change the way governments and citizens interact. Through a strategic use of data, governments can create conditions for improving the quality of public services, increasing the effectiveness of public spending and safeguarding ethical
more » ... nd privacy considerations. A data-driven public sector requires governance mechanisms that favour efficient data handling but also preserve public trust when using data to deliver outcomes. The OECD is a long-standing advocate of a data-driven approach; the 2014 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies recognises the central importance of data in the shift to digital government. This report describes trends, opportunities and challenges for policy makers in the use of data as a strategic asset. It highlights country practices and provides guidance on applying data to improve the quality of public services and citizen well-being.
doi:10.1787/d4c5cea4-en fatcat:pg34fcez2zdm7nltoacsrjyoya