Multiletter codes to boost superadditivity of coherent information in quantum communication lines with polarization dependent losses [article]

Sergey N. Filippov
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Coherent information quantifies the achievable rate of the reliable quantum information transmission through a communication channel. Use of the correlated quantum states (multiletter codes) instead of the factorized ones (single-letter codes) may result in an increase in the achievable rate, a phenomenon known as the coherent-information superadditivity. However, even for simple physical models of channels it is rather difficult to detect the superadditivity and find the advantageous
more » ... r codes. Here we consider the case of polarization dependent losses and propose some physically motivated multiletter codes which outperform all single-letter ones in a wide range of the channel parameters. We show that in the asymptotic limit of the infinite code length the superadditivity phenomenon takes place whenever the communication channel is neither degradable nor antidegradable. Besides the superadditivity identification, we also provide a method how to modify the proposed codes and get a higher quantum communication rate by doubling the code length. The obtained results give a deeper understanding of useful multiletter codes and may serve as a benchmark for quantum capacity estimations and future approaches toward an optimal strategy to transfer quantum information.
arXiv:2109.03577v1 fatcat:usftmjur4bfrlez3t2n4whwmjq