Optimize Edilmiş ÇKA ile Covıd-19 Sınıflandırması için Kaynaştırılmış Derin Özelliklere Dayalı Sınıflandırma Çerçevesi

2020 Selcuk University Journal of Engineering Science and Technology  
The new type of Coronavirus disease called COVID-19 continues to spread quite rapidly. Although it shows some specific symptoms, this disease, which can show different symptoms in almost every individual, has caused hundreds of thousands of patients to die. Although healthcare professionals work hard to prevent further loss of life, the rate of disease spread is very high. For this reason, the help of computer aided diagnosis (CAD) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms is vital. In this
more » ... udy, a method based on optimization of convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture, which is the most effective image analysis method of today, is proposed to fulfill the mentioned COVID-19 detection needs. First, COVID-19 images are trained using ResNet-50 and VGG-16 architectures. Then, features in the last layer of these two architectures are combined with feature fusion. These new image features matrices obtained with feature fusion are classified for COVID detection. A multi-layer perceptron (MLP) structure optimized by the whale optimization algorithm is used for the classification process. The obtained results show that the performance of the proposed framework is almost 4.5% higher than VGG-16 performance and almost 3.5% higher than ResNet-50 performance.
doi:10.36306/konjes.821782 fatcat:apxlg4arsrdg3dpkcqtnmjawke