Deployment and Optimisation of a Pilot-Scale IASBR System for Treatment of Dairy Processing Wastewater

Peter Leonard, Eoghan Clifford, William Finnegan, Alma Siggins, Xinmin Zhan
2021 Energies  
Increased pressure is being applied to industrial wastewater treatment facilities to adhere to more stringent regulations for the discharge of treated wastewater and to improve energy efficiency of the process. Nitrogen and phosphorous removal can be challenging to achieve efficiently, and in the case of phosphorous removal, can often necessitate the use of chemicals. There is a major drive globally to improve wastewater treatment infrastructure, whilst simultaneously reducing the carbon
more » ... nt of the process. The intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor offers a modification of the well-known sequencing batch reactor process that can enable lower energy requirements than conventional sequencing batch reactor processes and can facilitate enhanced nutrient removal capacities. However, to date much of the previous literature has focused on relatively short laboratory-scale trials (often with synthetic wastewater) which may not be representative of larger scale system performance. This study explored the intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor technology via a case-study deployment at a dairy production facility, in terms of treatment efficiency and energy efficiency with a focus on optimisation between phases. High treatment capacity and operational flexibility was achieved with NH4-N removals averaging >89%, PO4-P removal averaging >90% and total suspended solids removal averaging >97%. This research demonstrates the characteristics of intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor technology at scale to effectively achieve biological nutrient removal. In addition, this study demonstrated that when effectively managed, energy savings and reductions in carbon emissions in the region of 36–68% are achievable through optimisation of reactor operation.
doi:10.3390/en14217365 doaj:a6a6ca32bfde49ceae5162fca7d9525a fatcat:ifamrkgkqjd5xeoc4skmyzvkju