Binge Drinking unter deutschen Erstsemesterstudenten Eine Studie zum Alkoholkonsum von Erstsemesterstudenten

Oliver Edgar Jeuk, Basler, Heinz-Dieter (Prof. Dr. Dr. ), Medizinische Psychologie
Cross-sectional study on Binge Drinking under German first year students. Sample recruitment in the fields of medicine, law, education and psychology at the Universities of Goettingen, Greifswald and Marburg. Used Record: 1327 arms. The students were depending on drinking into five different groups. Only 9% of the respondents do not drink alcohol. 28.9% consume alcohol moderately, while a total of 62.1% Binge Drinking operate (42.2% occasionally, 8.9% frequently and 11% regularly). Men consume
more » ... ore alcohol more heavy and more frequently than women. The living ratio, the Department and religion have an impact on drinking. There were differences below the individual universities are found. The age of initiation and regular consumption of the first intoxication negatively correlated to later membership in a drinking groupe. Temptation to consume alcohol is mainly in the social contact, while stressful situations no great temptation. Serious consequences of alcohol consumption as under the influence of alcohol to steer a car or in violent confrontations to come, in contrast to studies from other countries, not often. Alcohol-related consequences relate mainly to the person (a hangover or stomach complaints).
doi:10.17192/z2008.0361 fatcat:642fgernbnat7n3bav7ygxaw6i