Next-Generation Pathology [chapter]

Peter D. Caie, David J. Harrison
2016 Msphere  
The field of pathology is rapidly transforming from a semi-quantitative and empirical science toward a Big-Data discipline. Large data-sets from across multiple -omics fields may now be extracted from a patient's tissue sample. Tissue is, however, complex, heterogeneous and prone to artefact. A reductionist view of tissue and disease progression, which does not take this complexity into account, may lead to single biomarkers failing in clinical trials. The integration of standardised
more » ... Big-Data and the retention of valuable information on spatial heterogeneity is imperative to model complex disease mechanisms. Mathematical modelling through systems pathology approaches is the ideal medium to distil the significant information from these large, multi-parametric and hierarchical data-sets. Systems pathology may also predict the dynamical response of disease progression or response to therapy regimens from a static tissue sample. Next generation pathology will incorporate Big-Data with systems medicine in order to personalise clinical practise for both prognostic and predictive patient care.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-3283-2_4 pmid:26677179 fatcat:uithnzbsuraetn3y4spt52vqd4