Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, March 12, 1895] [article]

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IVXHAlMa fiSlTOH FnaaNewMiettef-ITT Of nw Wnti, Sateen*. Mutlfa^ Percnle*, Etc, opened i Thi* year we have in»de to have aU our navy* pure In'So ^ "y »e«I M such can be thoroughly relied upon to waih. Sommer Capeit Wraps and Jacket* wfll be exhibited Wedneaday, March ijth. Wearenowyeo^ busy marking these good! S^^!^5f^^sr13oS: ^ cover Coating. .uiuWe (or Coatumes orforCapea and Jacket!. Inthladiiptaent are our Paraaob idleaa variety of New Veilingahave arrived. Pretty ERTectsin New Trimmings in
more » ... every conceivable coior. NewCoUarettea#Lace. Wehaw to yno over loo paiia New Lace Curtains-any price you de»irt SLOAN & scon New Uces In Cream, BUck and Butter. NewHosieiy for T.wljft and Children in Plain and ribbed Ca*hmerei Lliloi Cotton and SUk, One of the Especial Features of the Season'* mode* I* the use of Vel-vetfarUonseatowearwMihaad-•ome skirt, of artin atriped moire, pWn black, satin figured talTeta, dlk warped wool goodat doth and bengaUne. The aleevea are fuU and the cboaen colors for dieae waist* are black, stem green, golden brown and dark red, Jetiaalmost wholly used for trimming. | LmHCVests.ageneralas^utment for lad es and children. An endless variety Ribbons-both plain and fancy. As a trimming this season ribbons shall be in big demand. SL0A!l*S0(nf dandlng the great number oTbewildering temptations in the way of novelty auitiaga, Tweeda Chevioto and Ctepons^ Camel Hair Goods etc. plain rich tailor dotha wdl be in constant use for day tomes untfl late in the spring. Lightweight doth is a very excel lent sdection for an early spring suit, with a pretty sBk fined shoul der cape to match-the gown and wrap both trimmed with jet or velvet SLOAN &8C1TT KDlIOirAL OOHIOIki Atom -ami.. .( .a. % Oiry T!A 8TOBM oitr uo»<iii( Msaisa.-',-Ranaimo Water Wo^ Co^. i DOMINION' ifl£ mEBAia j fMibo Yiinn.ui EhM _ wflltoM.Cwwri.a mPifasr. ranuY avaiwiw Mz'S March 32nd. 1899 Tu Mi«t ■ iWiC .tfa SuaPnIU., •eUu in tb. OMmb It i. opeMl ttil ' rntyUbnaliriUdoU. h-ttĤ EW GOODS -HSWGOODS *'"11*!?* -= iriU do U. fa-i to lUt RALPH -tlSITH. Cht rao. of I First Shipment of New To-da7 -••• ....
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