Estudio preliminar de identificación a nivel molecular, de ecotipos de chile piquín
Preliminary identification at the molecular level of ecotypes of chili piquín

Martha Isabel Torres-Morán, Departamento de Producción Agrícola. Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias, Universidad de Guadalajara., Eduardo Rodríguez-Guzmán, Ana Paulina Velasco-Ramírez, Martha Escoto-Delgadillo, Mónica Elizabeth Riojas-López, Noé Durán-Puga, Rogelio Lépiz Ildefonso
2022 e-CUCBA  
The piquín chili is a plant genetic resource with great potential for culinary nutrition and vitamin supply for consumer countriessuch as Mexico. Its study at the molecular level represents a possibility of differentiating the existing ecotypes in each region whereit is produced or where it is consumed. Due to the great morphological variability that it presents, the molecular characterization ofchili as a plant genetic resource represents obtaining the characteristics from the genetic point of
more » ... view. This is necessary for theidentification of promising genotypes for genetic improvement in addition to documentation of the gene pool. In the present work, apreliminary study was carried out to identify piquín chili ecotypes from nine states of the republic, using the molecular markerISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeats). The results obtained provide information on the ability of molecular markers to detectdifferences in ecotypes, which correspond to the different collection regions.
doi:10.32870/ecucba.vi18.254 fatcat:3xbv2et3xfcenjw6m42ep55i5u