Prevention of ochratoxin A contamination of foodand ochratoxin A detoxification by microorganisms – a review

P. Cicoňová, A. Laciaková, D. Máté
2010 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin produced by several fungal species of the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium. This mycotoxin is nephrotoxic, immunosupressive, teratogeni, and carcinogenic to animals and has been classified as a possible human carcinogen. Human exposure to ochratoxin A is worldwide. Ochratoxin A occurs in a variety of foods. An ideal method for minimisation of the health risk that this mycotoxin poses is the prevention of food contamination. When the contamination occurs, the hazard
more » ... associated with the mycotoxin presence in the food must be eliminated. Various microorganisms such as bacteria and microscopic fungi have been tested for their abilities to prevent ochratoxin A contamination or detoxify foods. Biological control by microorganisms is studied widely, therefore the objective of this article is to provide an overview of the recent development in the biological control of ochratoxin A contamination.
doi:10.17221/307/2009-cjfs fatcat:wdbdsemzqrak3kumngofrthci4