Acceleration of Feynman loop integrals in high-energy physics on many core GPUs

F Yuasa, T Ishikawa, N Hamaguchi, T Koike, N Nakasato
2013 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The current and future colliders in high-energy physics require theorists to carry out a large scale computation for a precise comparison between experimental results and theoretical ones. In a perturbative approach several methods to evaluate Feynman loop integrals which appear in the theoretical calculation of cross-sections are well established in the one-loop level, however, more studies are necessary for higher-order levels. Direct Computation Method (DCM) is developed to evaluate
more » ... p integrals. DCM is based on a combination of multidimensional numerical integration and extrapolation on a sequence of integrals. It is a fully numerical method and is applicable to a wide class of integrals with various physics parameters. The computation time depends on physics parameters and the topology of loop diagrams and it becomes longer for the two-loop integrals. In this paper we present our approach to the acceleration of the two-loop integrals by DCM on multiple GPU boards.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/454/1/012081 fatcat:mprsikehdzdpvm4jy44rkrzonq