Complying with the Rules of Asimov

Renate Luise Ackermann
2009 Wissensmanagement  
Social systemsare callingattentiontoadequatesetsofrules as e.g. to comply with ther ules of Asimov as ac odex [BF05].I nt he contexto fM ultiple Sensor Data Fusion (MSDF) avariety of interacting(logical) sensor agents might autonomously self-organizet heir part of complext asks'o rganizationals olution processesdue to co-operations, communicationsand co-ordinations.Evencomputational participants mightc hange( or be changedi n) theirr olea ccordingt ot he open distributed system's
more » ... eeds,t he environmentalc hanges,o r decisions on theiro wn,e .g.t emporarily,a saguideb eing guided,a sachasing entity beingchased, or as amemberofacoordination beingindependent.The goal of this paperi st oe xemplary discusst he rules( chosen of some divisionso f modern robotics) andaderivatives et to accomplisht he modelA IKM[ Ac08]i n thec oncern of security ands afetyt akingt he knowledged istancea sakey-factor focusing decisions, divergenttrends, a.o.
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