Hemiplegia from Cerebral Hemorrhage

Austin Flint
1878 Scientific American  
pine. Oile very peculiar physiological effect is this: If a acid exhaled was considerably increased. The transforma-retention of such enemata. The inabilit;v to swallow has dose be given to a dog, subcutaneouslY, he will walk straight tion of glycerine into water and carbonic acid takes place I continued up to the prese!]t timel and so I t is still necessary forward, and if he gets into a corner he will struggle and directly, for there was not found in the blood any of the in-to keep up the
more » ... ishment or the patient in the same cry for a long time, and paw at the walls, but it appears termediate products of oxidation-glycerine, formic or ox-manner. never to occur to him to turn round. The same thing will alic acids. Numerous differences between the properties of During the first day and evening after admission, the tem happen if he gets mixed up with the legs of a chair; he will glycerine and alcohol have already been pointed out. Con-perature in the right axilla, taken at different times, was fight with them for some time before he gets out, and seems trary to the case of alcohol, which MM. Duroy, Lallemant, respectively 101°, 100" and 100"; while that in the left ax to have no notion of going anywhere but straight forward. and Perrin found was eliminated under its own form, and illa, taken at the same periods, was respectively 97°, 95° and On cats, however, it has not this effect. which they found in the blood, the brain, and the liver, gly-97°. On the second day the observations were 100Mo, 100° Another potent substance is ditain. It is the bark of the .cerine is noifound in any organ, and is eliminated almost and 1000 in the right axilla, and 99°, 98�0 and 98° in the alstrmia scholari8, a native of Java, and has been found to entirely under the form of water and carbonic acid.-' I left. On the third day, 100°, 100° and 1000 in the right axcontain an active principle, the physiological effeets of F. A. L., in La Jilrance Medicale. illa, and 96°,98° and 98Mo in the left. On the fourth day which resemble those of curare. It I S said to be an anti---------------_ _
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06291878-2064csupp fatcat:jbqpfzcvpjdf5el644r6kzixhm