Stress and Scarcity of Water Resources in the Drought-prone Areas of Jalgaon District in Maharashtra State: A Geographical Perspective

N Patil, D Suryawanshi
2016 Journal's Patil N.A. and Suryawanshi D.S   unpublished
Water scarcity is one of the most important concerns of the present day of geographers; Water is the central subject of all kinds of developmental activities. In the present study, water availability, stress and water scarcity in the drought-prone tahsils of Jalgaon district have been analyzed. Two indices are used to identify of water scarcity at the scale of tahsil level; water stress index (i.e. consumption to availability ratio) and water shortage index (i.e. water availability per capita).
more » ... bility per capita). It is found that water stress has the dominant type of water scarcity in the study region. Over 80 % of the total study area, population lives in the areas that suffer from water stress. An half of total population lives in the area that suffers from shortage of water resources. Present study shows that the per capita availability of utilizable water in the study region in 1981 was 1638 m 3 ; in 2001 it came down to 1,212 m 3. It will be decreasing by 894 m 3 per person in 2041. This means that the scarcity of water is about 85% in this region and the severity is about 26%. Finally, the conclusion is that, at present all the tahsils under this zone are under high water stress. Inverting virtual water flows could be one solution for alleviating water scarcity in study region, along with the more traditional measures of e.g. reducing water use intensity and increasing water use efficiency.