Flux Growth and Crystal Structure of Boron-Containing Apatite

Atsuo ITO, Hideki AOKI, Masaru AKAO, Naoki MIURA, Ryohei OTSUKA, Sadao TSUTSUMI
1988 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
Single crystals of boron-containing apatite (BAP) were grown by standard flux growth technique with excess B2O3 as flux. A mixture with the composition 35CaO-5P2O5-60B2O3 (wt%) was heated at 1200•Ž for 10 hours and then cooled at a rate of 8.3•Ž/h. Hexagonal prismatic crystals (0.3mm•~0.3mm•~11mm) were obtained. The chemical composition of BAP't was expressed as a solid solution in the system Ca10(PO4)5BO4-Ca9 .5(PO4)6BO2. BAP with the composition Ca9.64 (P5.73B0.27O24) (BO2)0.73 is trigonal,
more » ... ace group P3 with a=9.456 (1), c=6.905 (1) A and Z=1. The structure was refined to R = 0.050 and Rw=0.044 for 1257 independent reflections. The structure is apatitic in character but the B atom at (001/2 forms a linear O-B-O group.
doi:10.2109/jcersj.96.305 fatcat:aepxrnv3b5htbikw6jdc663qg4