Beyond balance : examining work-family interface, role negotiation, and coping strategies for female caregivers in STEM [article]

Erin Dawna Reilly
To begin, I would like to thank my co-advisors and wonderful committee members. Each of you has assisted in my professional development as a researcher, clinician, and lifelong learner in numerous ways. Thank you to Dr. Christopher McCarthy, who taught me my first set of counseling skills, encouraged my interest in career through the lifecycle, and provided countless hours of advice and support. To Dr. Kevin Cokley, who inspired not only myself but my entire graduate program to be admirable
more » ... archers and agents of social change and justice. Finally, to Dr. Janet Walkow -thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and incredible encouragement for a young graduate student propelled me to be a better researcher by noting the importance of interdisciplinary study and collaboration. Of course, I would like to most enthusiastically like to thank my academic advisors and dissertation chairs, Dr. Aaron B. Rochlen and Dr. Germine H. Awad. Dr. Rochlen, words cannot express how excited and inspired I was as an undergraduate by your research, and how honored I felt to be accepted and mentored by you within the program. Throughout my graduate experience, your dedication and guidance made my growth as a psychologist possible, and I am thankful for your openness, honesty, and appreciation of excellent barbecue. Most especially, I am thankful for your firm commitment to pushing for me to move beyond my comfort zone because you knew I would thrive -and you were right. My continued success and achievement would not have been possible without Dr. Awad, from my first publication to this, my last (for the moment, Gigi, don't worry.) Your fierce intelligence and unwavering support for your students, from providing challenging opportunities to career planning over coffee, created Chapter One: Introduction .
doi:10.15781/t26d5pd8g fatcat:32bcvwajh5egzd4kvsqo323v2y