The Effects of Restorative Justice On Calling Out [article]

Shanna DeBerry, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of restorative justice on the disruptive student behavior of calling out. Calling out in the study's environment consisted of unmuting and talking during virtual days or speaking out loud when not called on during hybrid days. The five participants were in kindergarten and had not attended a school with a formal pre-kindergarten setting. A non-independent samples t-test was conducted with the independent variable being the type of classroom
more » ... e type of classroom management on calling out--traditional classroom management procedures (baseline) or restorative justice procedures (intervention)—and the dependent variable being the number of call outs. The mean number of call outs under traditional classroom management (Mean =48.8, SD = 8.5) was not significantly different from the mean number of call outs under Restorative Justice (Mean = 45.4, SD = 10.16 ) [t(4) = 1.88, p = .13]. Future research with a school-wide implementation of restorative justice, over a long duration of time, is recommended.
doi:10.13016/m2mtrx-rehp fatcat:htknexn22nc6rp6xqnavlt6xmy