A Study of the Creative Design Education In View of Convergence Design

Kun Su, Jin Hua Zhang, M. Anpo, F. Song
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The futurist, Daniel H. Pink, characterized the 21st century as an era of "convergence" and "perpetual". In his book, "A Whole New Mind", he proposed that we are transforming from a philosophy that emphasizes logic, order and computer efficiency to the age of innovation, empathy, and inter-disciplinary integration [1]. The integration of traditional business models, technologies, and related processes will become the driving force for next industrial revolution. Toffler & Alvin also argued in
more » ... s book "The Third Wave" that with the continuous development of the knowledge and information, the partitioned societal structure will become meaningless [2]. Therefore, in the age of perceptivity that emphasizes on the integration, if the country or organization wants to take the lead, the education of integration and perceptivity in the education system will become indispensable. Abraham Maslow said that education is a process of acquiring knowledge, a means that the national and economic development depends on, and a planned change in human behavior. Therefore, developing creative future integrated designers whose minds and talents are consist with the converging markets, and who are sensitive to customers' needs in a timely manner is an important issue in the field of education today. This study attempts to investigate the current status of convergence design and its education. Based on this study, some new suggestions will be proposed on the necessity of convergence design and convergence design education.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202123605083 fatcat:gcmis46xynfdlexpd2r57cxyqe