-Oxo anilides in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Novel Synthesis of Pyridazinones, Pyrazolopyridazines, and Cinnolines

Abdelhaleem Hussein, Mohamed El-Gaby, Fathi Abushanab, Mohamed Abdel-Raheim, Morsy Elapasery
2018 Egyptian Journal of Chemistry  
C OMPOUND 1 coupled smoothly with aromatic diazonium salts to yield the corresponding arylhydrazones 2a-d. Compounds 2a-d condensed with DMF-DMA in refluxing xylene to yield the pyridazinones 3a-d. Compounds 3a-d were also established based on its further reaction with some active methylene reagents and some nucleophilic reagents. So, reactions of 3a, b with malononitrile in refluxing ethanolic piperidine afforded arylidinemalononitrile 4a,b. The pyridazinone derivatives 3a, b reacted with
more » ... zine hydrate to afford the hydrazine derivatives 5a, b. When 3a,b were fused with hydrazine hydrate without solvent, the pyrazolo[4,3-c]-pyridazines 6a,b were obtained. Compounds 6a, b were also obtained when compounds 5a, b melt over melting point for short time. Condensation of 2a, b with ethyl cyanoacetate yield 7a, b. Similarly, reactions of 2a,b with 1 mole of malononitrile afforded the pyridazine derivatives 8a,b. While, two moles of malononitrile reacted with 2a, b in the same experimental conditions to yield the cinnoline derivative 9a, b. Reactions of pyridazine 8a,b with 1 mole of malononitrile afforded 9. Compound 2b was reacted with a mixture of arylidinemalononitrile and acrylonitrile to yield product formulated as triazole moieties 12a, b. Similarly compound 2b was reacted with a mixture of maleic anhydride and acrylonitrile in the same above experimental conditions to give 13. Also, reactions of 2b with hydroxylamine hydrochloride yield 14.
doi:10.21608/ejchem.2018.3901.1343 fatcat:qtqvxvyzzraija2d2dqvjjgqpy