J Int, K Purushotham Lifesc, Rao
2012 Bt & Pharm. Res   unpublished
In the present work, formulation and development of medicated sticks has been planned with the drug, Clotrimazole that has antibacterial and anti fungal activity. The preparation and characterization of medicated sticks were carried out in different phases. Phase I studies includes preparation and evaluation medicated derma sticks using the ointment bases with varied concentrations of waxes and incorporation of medicament in the optimized formula by heating and congealing process. Phase II
more » ... cess. Phase II studies includes characterization of prepared medicated sticks for weight variation, thickness, length, size, shape and drug content uniformity. Phase III studies involve in vitro drug diffusion studies by using prehydrated cellophane membrane for 160 minutes in pH 7.4 phosphate buffer. Phase IV studies includes anti microbial studies of prepared formulations by cup plate method. Phase V studies includes Stability studies conducted for a period of 3 weeks and FT-IR Spectral analysis conducted. Phase VI studies includes Primary skin irritation studies carried out on rabbits and guinea pigs and in healthy human volunteers showed no sensitization and edema on skin after 72 hrs of application. The results of present study revealed that the prepared medicated sticks of Clotrimazole are convenient, equally effective, without any contamination chances on application and free from skin irritation.