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1886 Scientific American  
A car coupling has been patented by Mr. Milton W. Coddington, of Rutherford, N. J. It is designed as an automatic coupler, in which the star cam is used for retaining the connecting link, the invention covering a novel construction, arrangement, and com bination of parts. A car coupling has been patented by Mr. George J. Ferguson, of Greenville, Tex. This in ·vention eovers a novel construction and arrangement of parts of a continuous drawbar, the bars extending to the middle of the car, and
more » ... ming connections between the ends of the car, with other. novel features in auto matic car couplings. A gate valve has been patented by Mr. William Jackson, of Allegheny City, Pa. Combined with a valve casing having guiding recesses, with a screw stem, is a two-pInt gate. conSisting ot two rings, having on their inner edges a double screw-thread-like curve, each having a lug moving in a recess of the valve casing. with other . novel features, whereby, when clos ing, the valve seats itself automatically and fi rmly.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11201886-331e fatcat:7qp3y52u5vbmfm52xfewzbis6y