The effect of training and development on employee attitude as it relates to training and work proficiency

Debra L. Truitt
One of the fundamental issues facing businesses, organizations and institutions today is conflict management. An important aspect of that management is human resource development, which plays a key role in conflict management and diffusion. It is incumbent upon training and development professionals to design, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs in reducing disputes in workplace performance. This study explores the relationships between training experiences and attitudes
more » ... nd attitudes about perceived job proficiency. In a sample of 237 full-time salaried/exempt and hourly/ non-exempt employees from one academic institution and three businesses in the states of Maryland, Delaware and Arizona, we find a direct relationship between one's positive training experiences and attitudes and one's proficiency. In this study, 86.8% of those who had updated training had the most positive attitudes towards training (Gamma = .293, p < .05). Furthermore, 80% of those who had negative training attitudes also had negative views on their proficiency (Gamma = .465, p < .000).
doi:10.13016/m26h0p fatcat:ce2g32d7pneabnfhclclno5rs4