Hacking – Tracing the History: What can India do with its Hackers?

E. Dilipraj
2016 Zenodo  
In the process of evolution, the human emotion of curiosity has played a major role in advancing the evolutionary process from one phase to the next. Such curious minds have ultimately been responsible for the inventions and discoveries, which make mankind the technologically evolved race of today. Even otherwise, the daily routine of any common man is filled with an insatiable curiosity to learn, understand, study, explore, discover, and invent something new based on one's own interests,
more » ... ective of the field. And each and every outcome of this consuming curiosity opens a new avenue for further exploration of the path – a process which then proceeds into an explosive chain reaction of newer discoveries and inventions. One of the greatest discoveries that has evolved thus and which was a direct result of the curiosity to connect with the whole world, is the technology of telecommunication which has revolutionised the world and is continuing to do so since its inception.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3372309 fatcat:64zdhdba7zbglofmlsksudcgdu