Histone H3K27 acetylation is dispensable for enhancer activity in mouse embryonic stem cells

Tiantian Zhang, Zhuqiang Zhang, Qiang Dong, Jun Xiong, Bing Zhu
2020 Genome Biology  
H3K27ac is well recognized as a marker for active enhancers and a great indicator of enhancer activity. However, its functional impact on transcription has not been characterized. By substituting lysine 27 in histone variant H3.3 with arginine in mouse embryonic stem cells, we diminish the vast majority of H3K27ac at enhancers. However, the transcriptome is largely undisturbed in these mutant cells, likely because the other enhancer features remain largely unchanged, including chromatin
more » ... g chromatin accessibility, H3K4me1, and histone acetylation at other lysine residues. Our results clearly reveal that H3K27ac alone is not capable of functionally determining enhancer activity.
doi:10.1186/s13059-020-01957-w pmid:32085783 fatcat:xvoocdxskjfo5os65pjm5tfwuu