A Different Understanding [chapter]

Pearl R. Paulson, F. Leon Paulson
Situating Portfolios  
A TEACHER JOINED SEVERAL FRIENDS WAITING POll. CLASS TO BEGIN. ON 11111 way over from school to campus she had squeezed in some grotrr shopping. "There I was, halfuray down my list, when I realized that III portfolio was on the car seat. I left my cart in the middle of the aisle and hIlt oue £0 the parking lot. What a relief] I had remembered to lock the doem, She seemed surprised by the intensity of her concern for her pOrTfolio The others were amused but empathetic. After all, they, toO, were
more » ... ll, they, toO, were makul portfolios, and their joumals revealed similar levels of investment: J II seemed I never left my portfolio far behind; it was always with me. I fOIlI1.1 myself thinking about it as I drifted off to sleep, as I drove to school, and ... was talking to my son. Another confessed: I love my portfolio, and I'm glad I have it.... It is an emotional time bccall ofthe reflections-you DO put yourselfinto it. You really do celebrate you rM I while learning-and that's sweer. A5 their instructors, we were pleased with their reactions. We houl similar fedings as we conscructed our own portfolios. One of our goals III teaching this portfolio class was for the teachers to discover that pOrtfn/11l are a personal learning environment, nO( an assessment add-on. And Mil enough, onc of the reachers made rhis final entry in het journal: A Di}firent Undnmmding 279
doi:10.2307/j.ctt46nxw3.21 fatcat:fcbxq46rjnh6pnrc7eylzqes7y