Privatization Program for 2014-2016: Formal Shifts and Uncertain Prospects

Georgy Malginov
2016 Social Science Research Network  
The outcome of the current priva za on program, to be completed this year, will strongly depend on the general situa on in the Russian economy, and in par cular on the behavior of the domes c stock market. In the explanatory documents a ached to the dra law on federal budget for 2016 submi ed to parliament by the government, it is stated that the revenues from priva za on are expected to amount to more than Rb 33.2bn. This goal does not appear to be quite realis c, though. The planned sum of
more » ... e planned sum of budget revenue to be generated by this source in 2016 is comparable to the total amount of revenue generated by the priva za on program for 2011-2013 over the en re 3-year period of its implementa on. However, the economic and polical situa on then was very diff erent from what we have been experiencing over the last two years (massive capital ou low, the introduc on of economic sanc ons, the ruble's plumme ng exchange rate, and the probability of protracted recession in the na onal economy).
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2781869 fatcat:mbwtgaybjrfbjf3rztpcku4qwm