Single Excited Dual Band Luminescent Hybrid Carbon Dots-terbium Chelate Nanothermometer [post]

Rustem Zairov, Alexey Dovzhenko, Kirill Sarkanich, Irek Nizameev, Andrey Luzhetskiy, Svetlana Sudakova, Sergey N. Podyachev, Vladimir Burilov, Ivan Vatsouro, Alberto Vomiero, Asiya R. Mustafina
2021 unpublished
The report introduces hybrid polyelectrolyte-stabilized colloids combining blue and green emitting building blocks, that are citrate carbon dots (CDs) and [TbL]+ chelate complexes with 1,3-diketonate derivatives of calix[4]arene. The joint incorporation of green and blue emitting blocks into the polysodium polystyrenesulfonate (PSS) aggregates is carried out through the solvent-exchange synthetic technique. The coordinative binding between Tb3+ centers and CD surface groups in initial DMF
more » ... ons both facilitates joint incorporation of [TbL]+ complexes and the CDs into the PSS-based nanobeads and affects fluorescence properties of [TbL]+ complexes and CDs, as well as their ability to temperature sensing. The variation of the synthetic conditions is represented herein as a tool for tuning the fluorescent response of the blue and green emitting blocks upon heating and cooling. The revealed regularities enable developing either dual band luminescent colloids for monitoring temperature changes within 25-50 C through double color emission, or to transform the colloids into ratiometric temperature sensors via simple concentration variation of [TbL]+ and CDs in initial DMF solution. Novel hybrid carbon dots-terbium chelate PSS-based nanoplatform opens an avenue for new generation of sensitive and customizable single excited dual band nanothermometers.
doi:10.20944/preprints202110.0440.v1 fatcat:x5pkuofnczckxavszoo7s7qtbu