Chemical Devulcanization for the Recycling of Rubber Powder of Waste Tires and Mechanical Properties
폐타이어 고무분말 재활용을 위한 화학적 탈황과 기계적 물성 평가

Ju-Young An, Jong-Moon Park, Daesuk Bang, Bong-seok Kim, Myung-Hoon Oh
2015 Journal of the Korean Institute of Resources Recycling  
Recycling of vulcanized rubber products is a serious problem in the world. A quantity of generated waste tires becomes much more and more because of increasing demands on automobiles, resulted in the cause of serious secondary pollution by sulfur component that is crosslinked to incineration or landfill. In addition, crosslinked surfur is used to interfere with the binding of the raw material rubber. In this study, we analyzed the degree of devulcanization by the chemical devulcanization.
more » ... anization ratio of the samples were systematically analysed by variables such as time and temperature. In addition, the effect of swelling method as a pre-treatment process was also measured. A rubber specimen was deepened in a organic 2-buthanol solutions during various times of 1 ~5 hrs at 100, 150, 200 o C respectively, then to calculate the crosslink density and the number average molecular weight by using a parallel expansion process, which showed devulcanization degree of analyzed samples quantitatively. Also, the mechanical properties were measured with the samples prepared by using a hot press.
doi:10.7844/kirr.2015.24.3.59 fatcat:fq2rwpdbibhebmu6olugip6nri