Biosynthesis of gonadotropins in vivo

K Kochman, A Gajewska
1996 Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis  
GnRH is potent stimulator of gonadotropin's alpha and beta chains synthesis in vivo. Stimulation of LH beta gene transcription requires pulsatile GnRH administration but the transcription of alpha subunit can be stimulated independently of GnRH mode of administration. Castration increases whereas in vivo estradiol and testosterone replacement decreases the rate of gene transcription of pituitary gonadotropin subunits. Thyroid hormones can enhance or diminish the pituitary levels of LH beta and
more » ... els of LH beta and FSH beta subunit mRNAs in female rats. Inhibin, activin and follistatin were shown to be potent regulators of FSH beta gene expression.
pmid:8917903 fatcat:cxhnvweq3bcdrlrt45tilnbhuu