A clarification about ^|^ldquo;connection as action^|^rdquo; in movement
運動実践中に生ずる [つながり] の解明

2005 Journal of the Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education  
The purpose of this study is to clarify how we understand and practice "connection as action" with other players in movement. For this purpose, this study focuses on the following four points: 1) background of discussion about the term of "connection";2) practical ability of "connection as action" and it's originality; 3) the subject of "connection as action"; 4) practices of "connection as action" in movement. To conclude, "connection as action" is practical ability and "intersubjective
more » ... ion". We should grasp movement not from "mental connection" but from "connection as action". Player can understand "connection as action" and player can practice "connection as action" by the following way: 1) to accept the existence of other players; 2) to concentrate on their play; 3) to correspond to their play. Then, the existence of other players changes from "the mere teammate" to "the specific one".
doi:10.9772/jpspe1979.27.2_43 fatcat:irnpjwsxzjhdlenst47ic5rws4