QCD factorized Drell-Yan cross section at large transverse momentum

Edmond L. Berger, Jianwei Qiu, Xiaofei Zhang
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We derive a new factorization formula in perturbative quantum chromodynamics for the Drell-Yan massive lepton-pair cross section as a function of the transverse momentum $Q_T$ of the pair. When $Q_T$ is much larger than the pair's invariant mass $Q$, this factorization formula systematically resums the logarithmic contributions of the type $\alpha_s^m \ln^m(Q_T^2/Q^2)$ to all orders in the strong coupling $\alpha_s$. When $Q_T\sim Q$, our formula yields the same Drell-Yan cross section as
more » ... ss section as conventional fixed order QCD perturbation theory. We show that resummation is important when the collision energy $\sqrt{S}$ is large enough and $Q_T\gg Q$, and we argue that perturbative expansions are more stable and reliable in terms of the modified factorization formula.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.034006 fatcat:765nw3zvu5glfex3l4bw6wkabi