Molecular Quantum Rings Formed from a π -Conjugated Macrocycle

Chris J. Judd, Anton S. Nizovtsev, Rikke Plougmann, Dmitry V. Kondratuk, Harry L. Anderson, Elena Besley, Alex Saywell
2020 Physical Review Letters  
The electronic structure of a molecular quantum ring (stacks of 40-unit cyclic porphyrin polymers) is characterized via scanning tunneling microscopy and scanning tunneling spectroscopy. Our measurements access the energetic and spatial distribution of the electronic states and, utilizing a combination of density functional theory and tight-binding calculations, we interpret the experimentally obtained electronic structure in terms of coherent quantum states confined around the circumference of
more » ... the π-conjugated macrocycle. These findings demonstrate that large (53 nm circumference) cyclic porphyrin polymers have the potential to act as molecular quantum rings.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.125.206803 pmid:33258651 fatcat:gk2xdcpwr5d7pk45hh4j66aztm