Dectin-1 reactivity to paramylon derived from Euglena gracilis EOD-1

Ken-ichi Ishibashi, Nobuteru Onaka, Norihisa Nishida, Madoka Takahashi, Yoshiyuki Adachi, Naohito Ohno
2022 Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin  
Euglena gracilis is a microalga that has recently attracted attention because of its bioactivities. Paramylon (PM), a major β-1,3-glucan, constitutes 70%-80% of the cells of the E. gracilis EOD-1 strain. Dectin-1 is a pattern recognition receptor that recognizes β-glucan. However, it is unclear whether PM binds to dectin-1. In this study, we investigated the reactivity of EOD1PM with dectin-1 by analyzing the binding of soluble murine and human dectin-1-Fc fusion protein (m dectin-1 Fc, h
more » ... -1 Fc) to EOD1PM using flow cytometry and ELISA.m dectin-1 Fc bound to EOD1PM particles when m dectin-1-Fc is added. Furthermore, the binding specificity was examined in a competitive reaction following addition of a soluble antigen. It was found that the binding of m dectin-1-Fc to EOD1PM was not inhibited by the addition of dextran or ovalbumin but by the addition of solubilized EOD1PM or Candida cell wall- solubilized β-glucan. In addition, the h dectin-1-Fc fusion protein was found to specifically bind to EOD1PM. These results suggest that dectin-1 recognizes and binds to the β-glucan structure of EOD1PM.Dectin-1 is expressed in leukocytes as a β-glucan receptor and is involved in the expression of various biological activities; therefore, the dectin-1 pathway may be involved in the biological activity of EOD1PM.
doi:10.1248/bpb.b22-00247 pmid:35753759 fatcat:oakuflzn3bgnfgoax5hni3drti