Natalya G. Vilkova, Svetlana I. Mishina, Olga V. Dorchina
The comparative characteristic of the stability of foams formed by sodium dodecylsulfate and gelatin at their various concentrations at the presence of the diesel fuel under the action of an applied pressure drop was carried out in this work. It was shown that the change in the gelatin/ surfactant ratio in the initial solution changed the stability of such foams at the presence of an organic liquid. The surfactant and protein concentrations when these dispersions are more stable at the presence
more » ... of the organic phase were determined. The isolated foam films obtained from a solution of sodium dodecyl sulfate + gelatin / diesel fuel were studied. It was shown that there was no correlation between the stability of the isolated film and the foam under the action of applied pressure drops: the films in contact with diesel fuel retained considerable stability, unlike the foams obtained from this aqueous solution of gelatin and surfactant in the presence of said organic substance. The coefficients of initial spreading of diesel fuel on the surface of an aqueous solution containing gelatin and surfactant were calculated. The change in the interfacial energy at the interface of the aqueous solution of sodium dodecylsulfate + gelatin/ diesel fuel with time when changing of the surfactant: protein ratio in the initial solution and different concentrations of the organic liquid was investigated. The change in the interfacial tension at the interface of the aqueous solution of sodium dodecylsulfate + gelatin/ diesel fuel over time was accompanied by a significant decrease in the stability of foams obtained from aqueous solutions containing gelatin and an ionic surfactant. If the interfacial tension did not change or slightly decreased, the foams containing diesel fuel remained stable.Forcitation:Vilkova N.G., Mishina S.I., Dorchina O.V. Stability of foams containing diesil fuel. Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved. Khim. Khim. Tekhnol. 2018. V. 61. N 6. P. 48-53
doi:10.6060/tcct.20186106.5361 fatcat:5xccqe3rlvasziwzsj4adhnxqu