Tri-axial Tests of Rocks

1964 Journal of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Japan  
A testing apparatus has been developed for tri-axial testing of rocks under the confining pressure from 0 to 5, 000kg/cm2 at room temperature. Some compression tests on the specimens of granite, sandstone and marble which were dry and jacketed, were made under the confining pressures over the range from 0 to 4,000 kg/cm2. The results on granite and sandstone show that the increase in their strength with the increase in the confining pressure is remarkable in comparison with that of plasticity.
more » ... hat of plasticity. The marble, however, exhibits the conspicuous increase of plastic property under the relatively low confining pressure. The Mohr's theory of failure approximately agrees with the results obtained. Our results are consistent with those reported by others.
doi:10.2473/shigentosozai1953.80.908_90 fatcat:x36nkqg63fhtdlquph46sbo3ru