Kinetic Study of Esterification of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Using Sulfonated Glucose Prepared via Microwave-Assisted Heating Method

Nur Nazina Saimon, Mazura Jusoh, Norzita Ngadi, Zaki Yamani Zakaria
2020 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
Kinetic models play an important role especially in designing reactor, simulation and optimization of a particular chemical reaction. In this study, kinetic model of the esterification of palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) using sulfonated incomplete carbonized glucose (SO3H/ICG) prepared via microwave-assisted heating method was developed. D(+)-Glucose was carbonized in a microwave to produce incomplete carbonized glucose (ICG). Then the ICG was sulfonated with H2SO4, heated in a microwave and
more » ... tirred. The catalyst prepared was then used for esterification of PFAD at reaction temperatures of 65 C, 75 C and 85 C. The highest conversion exhibited was 95.76 % performed at 85 C, 2.5 wt% catalyst, 10:1 molar ratio of methanol to PFAD, 120 min reaction time. A kinetic model of PFAD's esterification was developed and the model was described as a pseudo first-order reaction rate law. The value of the activation energy was 28.8 kJ/mol with R2 of 0.985.
doi:10.3303/cet2078068 doaj:9bda83cf6e6e415ba869e54e020a8ab3 fatcat:kpwf6ma7avagnklkqjiw5do36q