On Improving Deep Reinforcement Learning for POMDPs [article]

Pengfei Zhu, Xin Li, Pascal Poupart, Guanghui Miao
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) recently emerged as one of the most competitive approaches for learning in sequential decision making problems with fully observable environments, e.g., computer Go. However, very little work has been done in deep RL to handle partially observable environments. We propose a new architecture called Action-specific Deep Recurrent Q-Network (ADRQN) to enhance learning performance in partially observable domains. Actions are encoded by a fully connected layer and
more » ... pled with a convolutional observation to form an action-observation pair. The time series of action-observation pairs are then integrated by an LSTM layer that learns latent states based on which a fully connected layer computes Q-values as in conventional Deep Q-Networks (DQNs). We demonstrate the effectiveness of our new architecture in several partially observable domains, including flickering Atari games.
arXiv:1704.07978v6 fatcat:hjar7q5p6bd6vfu7pf75h5p5gu