Requirements for Modeling Dynamic Function Networks for Collaborative Embedded Systems

Alexander Ludewig, Marian Daun, Ana Petrovska, Wolfgang Böhm, Alexander Fay
2018 Modellierung  
Through advances in information technology embedded systems have the capability to collaborate with one another and to merge into collaborative system groups (CSGs) thereby generating added value that a single system alone could not achieve. In order to be able to realize the development of these collaborative embedded systems (CESs) as well as the actual process of the collaboration, information models are used that describe different functions of the CESs with which they contribute to the
more » ... The modeling of the individual functions of the CES and the connections of these different functions in the CSG as a function network forms the basis of the representation and realization of the overall function of the CSG with which the common added value is to be achieved. The aim of this paper is to present existing approaches of describing the functions in different domains and to present the requirements for the modeling of function networks in the context of CES and CSG. The requirements have been collected in close collaboration with industry partners from the CrESt project 4 .
dblp:conf/modellierung/LudewigDP0F18 fatcat:4cvbkwoz3jfzthkuivvclnzypa