Assessment of Possible Application of Geochemistry to Distinguish Limnic and Paralic Coal-Bearing Parts of the Carboniferous in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Magdalena Kokowska-Pawłowska, Ewa Krzeszowska
2017 Archives of Mining Sciences  
The paper presents the results of geochemical analyses of samples from the Poruba Beds of the paralic series and from the Zaleskie Beds of the limnic series Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB). The contents of the following trace elements and oxides were evaluated using spectrometric method: Cr, Th, U, V, AL2O3, MgO, K2O, P2O5. The following indicators, most commonly used in chemostratigraphy and in the identification of the marine and non-marine sediments ratios, were analyzed: U, Th, Th/U, K2O,
more » ... h/K2O, P2O5, Al2O3, P2O5/ Al2O3, V, Cr, V/Cr, and (K2O/Al2O3) / (MgO/Al2O3). The research showed that those ratios may be used to identify sedimentary environments and geochemical correlations of the sedimentary rock sequences in the USCB. Geochemical ratios discussed in the paper allowed distinguishing two populations of samples representing paralic and limnic series.
doi:10.1515/amsc-2017-0051 fatcat:kdyhevuwhrgtjegcv3p56kphlm