Pharmacopœial Botanic Drugs of the Twentieth Century

E.N. Gathercoal
1916 The Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association (1912)  
The original purpose of preparing a list of botanical drugs that are included in the national pharmacopceias of the world was simply to obtain a check-list for use in the pharmacognosy museum. The list as here presented includes all of the drugs directly derived from plants described in any of the national pharmacopceias * that have been revised since 1900. There are named in the list 550 pharmacopceial drugs. When it is considered that the pharmacopceias of nineteen countries have been
more » ... s have been consulted and that these represent the whole modern world, the number of drugs recognized in all, or nearly all, of these pharmacopceias is surprisingly large. Thus 37 of the total of 550 drugs are recognized in each of the pharmacopceias, 19 are included in all but one, 10 are included in all but two and 12 in all but three, while 136 are recognized in but one pharmacopceia and 94 in but two of them. These latter numbers would be smaller but that the new British Pharmacopceia and the Netherlands Pharmacopceia recognize a number of odd Indian and East Indian drugs used in those portions of the world. The drugs that are recognized in all the pharmacopceias are the following:
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