Knowledge and awareness of infant feeding practices in antenatal mothers: A cross sectional study

Bhavana Tiwari, V Tandon, Gaurav Arya, Alok Gupta, Chitra Chauhan, Rohit Agarval, Mukesh Mishra, Sr Resident
As per World Health Organization (WHO) the appropriate method of infant feeding is breastfeeding which is the ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infant and young child. Implementations of proper infant and young child feeding practices can result in reduction in infant mortality rate. Material and Method: an observational cross sectional study Pediatric department and the participants were the antenatal mothers attending obstetric OPD. Results: Out of 275 participants majority
more » ... rticipants majority were between 20-30 years age group, from rural background, Hindu in religion, housewife and from nuclear family. Majority had the knowledge that breast feeding should be started within 4 hours (in normal delivery 81.7%, in caesarean delivery 71.6%). Knowledge about colostrum feeding was also present in 70% participants. Conclusion: Knowledge and awareness of infant feeding practices among antenatal mothers was assessed and results show that antenatal counseling about proper breast feeding practices should be given so as to improve infant's proper growth and development.