RF Injection of THz QCL Combs at 80 K Emitting over 700 GHz Spectral Bandwidth

Andres Forrer, Lorenzo Bosco, Mattias Beck, Jérôme Faist, Giacomo Scalari
2020 Photonics  
We report about RF injection locking of an homogeneous THz quantum cascade laser operating at 3 THz central frequency. The extremely diagonal nature of the optical transition, combined with low-loss copper-based double-metal waveguides, allow CW operation up to 105 K and CW power in excess of 5.6 mW measured at 80 K. Terahertz emission spanning up to 600 GHz, together with a narrow beatnote, indicate comb operation at 80 K, and strong RF injection clearly modifies the laser spectrum up to 700
more » ... pectrum up to 700 GHz spectral bandwidth making these devices ideal candidates for an on-chip dual comb spectrometer.
doi:10.3390/photonics7010009 fatcat:7e2uvye5evd5jpmv2mfhtxbbii