Ionizing Irradiations in food industry [post]

Muhammad Tanveer Munir, Michel Federighi
2020 unpublished
The ionizing radiations are particles or waves containing enough energy to ionize the matter when coming in contact. Their mode of action in living cells involves either the direct destruction of nucleic acid or by creating free radicals that can attack the cellular components. This cellular destruction and inactivation can be used to reduce the microbial burden in food items to increase the shelf life and safety of food, meanwhile maintaining the quality of the product. Although this
more » ... is accepted by more than 60 countries, some consumers are reluctant to buy such products thinking that radiations might have modified their food which can also induce changes in their body after consumption. The proper scientific communication regarding the safety of ionization irradiations can change consumer behavior, and it requires the collaboration of all stakeholders in the food production chain. 
doi:10.32545/encyclopedia202007.0010.v2 fatcat:4ph3i6xkbjhrdjt5srvt6bn6om