Investigation of capacitance characteristics in metal/high-k semiconductor devices at different parameters and with and without interface state density (traps)

S Hlali, N Hizem, A Kalboussi
2017 Bulletin of Materials Science  
Capacitance vs. voltage (C−V ) curves at AC high frequency of a metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) capacitor are investigated in this paper. Bi-dimensional simulations with Silvaco TCAD were carried out to study the effect of oxide thickness, the surface of the structure, frequency, temperature and fixed charge in the oxide on the C−V curves. We evaluate also the analysis of MIS capacitor structures by different substrate doping concentrations with and without interface state density at
more » ... nt temperatures (100, 300 and 600 K). These studies indicate that the doping substrate concentration and the traps enormously affect the high-frequency C−V curve behaviour. We also demonstrate that for low and high temperatures, the high-frequency C−V curves behaviour changes, indicating that the capacitance due to the substrate is significantly influenced in these conditions (bias and substrate doping concentration).
doi:10.1007/s12034-017-1443-8 fatcat:bmu4x3ea4vb4tenmgl4nkjsmge