Antibody to Mac-1 or monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 inhibits monocyte recruitment and promotes tumor growth

L Zhang, T Yoshimura, D T Graves
1997 Journal of Immunology  
Human tumors are frequently infiltrated by numerous monocytes/macrophages, which can be found within the tumor mass (intratumoral) or surrounding the tumor (peritumoral). The functional role that these monocytes/macrophages play in tumor growth is controversial. To address this issue we inhibited intratumoral monocyte/macrophage recruitment with mAbs that either blocked integrin function or neutralized a tumor-produced chemotactic protein. Both treatments significantly increased tumor formation
more » ... and accelerated tumor growth. Surprisingly, the same results were obtained when recruitment of peritumoral or intratumoral monocytes/macrophages was blocked. Our findings are contrary to one of the purported roles of monocytes/macrophages, particularly in the peritumoral area, since we found no evidence for monocyte/macrophage-supported tumor growth. These results provide direct evidence that intratumoral as well as peritumoral monocytes/macrophages act to limit tumor size in the early stages following tumor inoculation and provide a mechanism that accounts for monocyte/macrophage recruitment to human tumors.
doi:10.4049/jimmunol.158.10.4855 fatcat:mev22arwlvgd5g4qaexfzocruu