Metrized Small World Approach for Nearest Neighbor Search

Andrey Logvinov, Alexander Ponomarenko, Vladimir Krylov, Yury Malkov
2010 unpublished
In different areas attempts are made to organize data into multi-linked structures which are well suited for information search, in particular the nearest neighbor search where the result data items are metrically close to a given data item. These structures often take the form of trees (M-Tree, cover tree, KDtree, GNAT) or networks (M-Chord, VoroNet, RayNet) built over a set of data items. In this paper we give the regular approach to the construction of links between data items which provides
more » ... tems which provides logarithmical time complexity of the nearest neighbor search in the structure. According to this approach, data items are organized into an undirected graph with Small World properties, which ensure the existence of a short path between any two data items regardless of the graph size. We propose different construction and search algorithms depending on the properties of the metric which determines the proximity of data items. The types of metric we consider are abstract metric and ordered metric. Further we extend the ordered metric approach to compound data items in the form of attribute-value pair sets to enable inclusion search by an arbitrary subset of attribute-value pairs. Finally we provide simulation results for the structure with compound data items.
doi:10.15514/syrcose-2010-4-30 fatcat:gfsyvvllebfzdggwvy6stakjym