Epidemiologic correlation and drug resistance analysis of pathogenic bacteria in different open limb injury external conditions [post]

2020 unpublished
OBJECTIVES To study the epidemiological correlation and drug resistance of external factors of infection caused by open injury of limbs to pathogens. METHODS We retrospective analyzed 2017 strains of pathogenic bacteria in a university hospital from 2012 to 2017.Patients were divided into three groups: I. In-hospital infection of clean limb incision, II. Inhospital infection with open injury, III. Community infection with open injury of the limb. We divided patients into six groups based on
more » ... ry mechanism to explore the relationship between the main pathogens and damage mechanism, apparent temperature and relative humidity. RESULTS No signi cant difference was seen in the distribution of pathogens among the three groups. The drug resistance of group III was signi cantly lower than that of group II and group I. The correlation between the injury mechanism and infection of pathogenic bacteria was not signi cant. The monthly average apparent temperature and relative humidity were correlated with the infection rate of pathogenic bacteria. CONCLUSION In open injury of extremities, apparent temperature and relative humidity is an important risk factor for infection by pathogenic bacteria.The drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria in out-ofhospital infection was lower than that of hospital infection.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.21002/v1 fatcat:uiurjibqzreitgpd7bwwzqpt3y