Blockchain software patterns for the design of decentralized applications: A systematic literature review

Nicolas Six, Nicolas Herbaut, Camille Salinesi
2022 Blockchain: Research and Applications  
A software pattern is a reusable solution to address a commonly occurring problem within a given context when designing software. Using patterns is a common practice for software architects to ensure software quality. Many pattern collections have been proposed for a large number of application domains. However, because of the technology's recentness, there are only a few available collections with a lack of extensive testing in industrial blockchain applications. It is also difficult for
more » ... re architects to adequately apply blockchain patterns in their applications, as it requires deep knowledge of blockchain technology. Through a systematic literature review, this paper has identified 120 unique blockchain-related patterns and proposes a pattern taxonomy composed of multiple categories, built from the extracted pattern collection. The purpose of this collection is to map, classify, and describe all available patterns across the literature to help readers make adequate decisions regarding blockchain pattern selection. This study also shows potential applications of those patterns and identifies the relationships between blockchain patterns and other non-blockchain software patterns.
doi:10.1016/j.bcra.2022.100061 fatcat:2mtvohc5p5ejrfpught7efkupm