Crowdsourcing Framework for QoE-Aware SD-WAN [post]

Ibtihal Ellawindy, Shahram Shah Heydari
2020 unpublished
The exponential increase in bandwidth-sensitive multimedia traffic on the Internet has created new challenges and opportunities. With the shifting focus from service availability to service quality, there is a need to have quality management measures to serve the high needs of efficient transmission and delivery in time-constrained environments over IP networks. Quality of Experience (QoE) is now considered the most important measure to achieve the twin goals of application efficiency and user
more » ... fficiency and user satisfaction from a user perspective. In this paper, we propose a framework that can be used to collect real-time QoE feedback through crowdsourcing and forward it to SD-WAN controllers to enhance streaming routes based on real-time user quality perceptions. We analyze how QoE can be affected by different network conditions, and how different streaming protocols compare against each other when the network parameters change dynamically. We compare the real-time user feedback to predefined network changes to measure if participants will be able to identify all degradation events, and to examine which combination of degradation events are noticeable to the participants. These QoE timestamped feedback is sent back to the SD-WAN controller continuously in order to locate problems and bottlenecks in the current service paths and to enable network controllers to take corrective action by rerouting the streamed traffic. Our aim is to demonstrate that real-time QoE feedback can enhance cloud-based services and can adjust services quality based on real-time, active participants' interaction.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:vpkbl2mbtvbm5krinbf4agxlmu