Comparison Elbow Joint Angles for Male and Female Bat Swings

Elisha Gregory, Samantha Sheets, Brent Witten
2008 ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Parts A and B   unpublished
Faculty Advisor: Renee Rogge, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Student Paper Abstract INTRODUCTION: Hitting has become one of the most studied aspects of the game of baseball. Many studies to date only focus on a specific group of players, like collegiate or major league players, but there have not been any studies comparing the male swing to the female swing. Additionally, most studies look at many different aspects of a swing at distinct times in the swing. This study concentrates on
more » ... ncentrates on determining the differences in elbow angle during a bat swing between a male and female hitter. Flexion and extension of the arm muscles control the elbow angle during the swing. Elbow flexion is studied because the bat swing works by first coiling the body and then uncoiling in an efficient way to obtain the highest bat speed at ball impact.1
doi:10.1115/sbc2008-192555 fatcat:4z4pyj3pk5h77nue5gnnlmjreu